Documents Required at Time of Registration
1. Registration fee (non-refundable) will be collected


2. Originals & Photocopy of the following documents:
• Child’s Birth Certificate
• Child’s Health and Immunisation Record
• 2 Passport size photo of child
• Parents’ Identity card
• Both parents’ latest 6mths CPF contribution statement
• Child’s CDA statement
• Sibilings’ Birth certificate, grandparents’ I/C (To apply PCI)


3. Please complete the following registration forms:


    Particulars of Child

    Child's Name (required)

    B/C No (required)

    Date of Birth (required)

    Age (required)

    Gender (required)

    Race (required)

    Address (required)

    Nationality (required)


    Particulars of Parents

    Name of Father (required)

    Tel/Hp (required)

    Name of Mother (required)

    Tel/Hp (required)


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