Parental Involvement

At Rainbow, we recognise parents’ fundamental role in their children’s education. We look forward to develop a partnership based on mutual respect and continued dialogue. Before coming into school, children have already learnt a great deal from the experiences and opportunities given to them by their first teachers – their parents. The continued involvement of parents is crucial to each child’s learning success.


Our partnership is developed through a variety of Home/School Links which include:


• School Visits – to see teaching and learning in action
• Written Communication- Our children are each having unique characteristics, so we keep parents informed of their child’s activities, addressing the child’s interests, skills and needs.
• Parent/Teacher Meetings – twice a year to discuss children’s achievements and successes and outline teaching plans to support the next stages of development
• Newsletters – to keep in touch with school events and current school issues
• Social Activities – to develop a sense of community and join in the fun of learning
• Home Learning Activities – to support and encourage children’s enthusiasm for learning
• Surveys-  gather information about how well the program is meeting the families’ needs and areas we can work to improve home/school partnership


Enriching experiences that will develop their intelligences