Rainbow’s Curriculum is unique and bilingual
Rainbow employs a holistic approach towards creating meaningful activities that benefit children.


Children enrolled in our full-day programme will experience our comprehensive 5-in-1 Enriched Curriculum which include:


• Fast Track Music
• FunStart PE
• Mandarin and Drama 1
• FastTracKids Explorer
• I-Math


Children will also learn:


• Creative Language and Literacy
• Phonics (with Letterland)
• Mathematics
• Music and Movement
• Creative Art and Craft
• Science Discovery
• IT Fun Time
• Han Yu Pin Yin
• Fitness Programme (Zumba, Taekwondo, gym play)
• Speech & Drama



Our Student Care Service is comprehensive:


• Daily Homework Supervision
• Extra Tuition in all Subjects according to the school’s syllabus
• Enrichment Classes at Special Rates!


Enriching experiences that will develop their intelligences